About Us

Infinite Digital originally began as a DJ and Video company catering towards weddings and debuts (Did you know in the Phillippines a “Debut” occurs on a woman’s 18th birthday, and a grand cotillion is hosted for her family and friends to celebrate her coming of age)

Cousins, Disc Jockey Jovie Jovellanos, and Digital Media Artist Brian Avelino began their journey in 2004, not really knowing what was to come.

Throughout the course of time, there have been many good times, and a small handful of bad times on this journey, but more importantly it was during this time when our mission became clear.

Life is coming. Life is going. Life can change in an instant, and also change it what may seem like an eternity.

But at every point in your life, you will want to look back a remember.

And we create something for you to hold onto when you do.